Arthur Stone - Founder

Arthur Stone and Shirley StoneArthur Stone and his wife Shirley began collecting Packard memorabilia and architectural details for their museum in the mid-1940s, when Arthur was beginning his career as a florist in New York. Later, as Chief Executive Officer of Buning The Florist, He brought the experience to develop the special aesthetics of the museum, such as collecting the 100-year old Dade County pinewood used throughout the interior and the numerous architectural objects found inside and outside. When Arthur and Shirley decided to make their home in Ft. Lauderdale, the location of the museum came with them.

Gary Bennett – Curator

Our new museum curator hails from the automobile business. He brings a postwar experience to the collection. A native of Wisconsin, Gary has been active in Ft. Lauderdale and south Florida since 1957.

Rose Reyes – Coodinator

Rose ReyesRose’s knowledge of administration has made her our "go-to" person. She has been with the museum since 1999, and is originally from Chicago.